Support Me

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Thanks for checking here! This has been and continues to be a massive undertaking for me and I could do with all the help I can get. Supporting me spiritually by praying that I'd stay on track would be wonderful. I would welcome volunteers to help with developing the site or some of the (often quite tedious!) ‘grunt’ work on The Bible text.

If you'd be happy to sign up for the monthly newsletter (see the form at the bottom of this page) I'll keep in touch with you once a month (no more, I promise!) via email to let you know my progress.

Carl Nielsen, June 2020

Obviously money is useful too! You can make one off or regular donations via PayPal:

Or there's Patreon where you can become a Patron with a regular contribution of a dollar (or whatever is the equivalent in your currency) each month. You can of course go for higher amounts too! To find out more or to sign up check out

Financial Costs

I have the following specific costs for running this website and the services I provide here (in addition to my other needs such as food and shelter!)

  • Website Hosting - currently £71.88 a year
  • Domain name registration for - currently £11.99 a year
  • My time!

At the moment I am on the free Zoom plan which limits the online teaching sessions to 40 minutes. The Professional level would enable hour long (or more!) sessions

  • Zoom Pro Plan - £11.99 per month

Thanks again for visiting this page and any support you can offer will be very gratefully received.